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If you’re looking for an idea of what Freshman Orientation will be like, the best comparison I can give you is a really fun music festival. Except that instead of a bunch of college kids gathering together for two days of music and dancing, it’s a bunch of college kids gathering for two days of presentations and answers to every question you and your parents have ever had about that seven letter word that rhymes with knowledge. So…equally fun.

Orientation is really an opportunity for new Osprey to get familiar with The Nest and to test their new wings to ensure their first week goes as smoothly as possible.

Okay that’s about all the bird metaphors I have, so I’ll just say it plainly: if you missed this program, you would have absolutely no clue what to do on the first day of the semester. Oh, and did I mention that you wouldn’t be registered for any classes, because you do that at Orientation.

Light bulb! Orientation is not only necessary, but mandatory. And getting you excited for this important first step of your college experience is where I come in. You see, I’ve been to my own Orientation because I’m a UNF student too, but I also intern for UNF which means that every day I get to listen to the ins and outs of the big plans. So basically, I’ve got the scoop.

I could probably tell you a million good reasons why attending UNF Orientation is beneficial, but how about six of my personal favorites…

  1. It’s mandatory- Duh. Considering that every student must attend Orientation in order to become a registered student, I’d say going is pretty useful. This rule only applies to students. Parents are encouraged to attend the event; however, it is optional. If your parents are like mine and “think it’s time you learn to do things on your own”, they will send you off to Orientation all by yourself. Bring a friend. That’s what I did.
  2. Informational Sessions - Always a parent pleaser, over the course of Orientation you’ll hear from UNF insiders about financial aid, athletics, meal plans, general education requirements, blah blah blah, snore.
  3. Academic Advising - Sit down with me to review your academic history and figure out the best course of action as an incoming freshman. Or you could sit down with an actual academic adviser. The choice is yours.
  4. Course Registration - Astronomy, Inside the Asylum, Politics of Harry Potter. Think you have an idea of what classes you’d like to take first? After meeting with an adviser you will officially become a registered student with your very own schedule! Just beware those 9AM classes – they feel earlier than they sound.
  5. Meet Other Newbs - Orientation is the perfect time to make new friends because everyone is at the peak of their awkwardness. It’s like middle school but with less braces and acne. Every student is alone and confused and thus a strangely powerful bond is formed among Orientation groups. This really helps take the pressure off week one.
  6. Make Yourself at Home - If you haven’t gotten an in-depth view of UNF’s incredible campus, here is your chance. Eat at the cafe, explore the nature trails, tour freshmen housing, take a dip in the lazy river. Mi casa es su casa.

So, now that you know how and why Orientation just became an event on your calendar, let’s talk about how you can guarantee your spot on our calendar. Get your pen out, this is going to be complicated… just kidding, UNF has made it almost painfully easy to do. Here are seven of the easiest steps you may ever take:

  1. Log into your myWings account using your UNF “N” number and password
  2. Click on the Student Self Service link in the My Records box
  3. Click on the Admissions link
  4. Click on the Orientation Registration link
  5. Read and follow ALL instructions on the page
  6. Select the term you are entering UNF and then your preferred available orientation session
  7. Click submit

Did you do it yet? Wasn’t it easy? Oh, you didn’t? Well, go back and do it cause dates fill fast. No, it’s fine, I’ll wait. I have nothing better to do.

Okay, good. Now you’ll have even more time to pick out an outfit. Remember, it’s two days. That’s two separate chances to show off whatever style you feel like rocking in college. I’m feelin’ something bohemian, personally.

If, for some reason, your Orientation date changes and your parent(s) are registered for Parent Orientation (or if you want to secretly cancel their Orientation so they don’t tell your roommate embarrassing stories from when you were twelve), just contact the UNF Parents Orientation Office at 904-620-1567.

I can tell that some of you still aren’t convinced that Orientation is something you actually “want” to be at. That’s fair. You’re wondering if it would be more exciting to just stay home with your Tempurpedic pillow and re-runs of Workaholics. Also fair. But as a fellow non-lame college student, I can promise you that there are only a few select episodes that would make that statement true and we’ll be playing those ones on the big screen at Orientation anyway. Just kidding. There will be Tempurpedic pillows, though. So, show face early.