One More Reason To #BeAnOsprey: Take Your Backpack Outside The Class



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Study Abroad

Building water purifiers in Ghana, visiting the Acropolis in Greece and observing the public relations practices in France are just a few of the remarkable experiences you can gain from participating in a UNF study abroad trip. UNF offers a wide variety of study abroad programs in more than 15 countries including China, England, Italy and Spain.

Take your backpack outside the walls of a classroom and gain a new outlook on the world in which you live. Whether you want to study abroad for a whole semester or just a few weeks, we offer it all. UNF is ranked among the top 20 best institutions in our category for short-term study abroad programs and UNF student study abroad at twice the national average. Continue reading

Osprey Course Scheduler – Schedule smarter. Schedule faster.



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UNF now offers a way for you to schedule your classes smarter and faster! Osprey Course Scheduler, a new registration system accessible through MyWings, allows you to see multiple class schedule options and choose the one that best fits your needs. And it does it all in about 10 minutes – how’s that for convenient? Continue reading

Manage Your Time


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History test, English quiz, group project, a movie date with friends and it’s not even Wednesday yet? Sounds like the life of a typical college student. Between going to class, doing homework, studying for exams and a social life, there’s a lot to balance! Most students learn within the first week of college that managing their time is one of the most challenging aspects of being a college student. Since you are probably already pressed for time while you are reading this, we’ll keep it short and sweet.

With these simple tips, learn to manage your time wisely so it doesn’t end up managing you. Efficient time management can lead to less stress and more time doing the things

• Be organized. Get (and use) a calendar. A paper calendar, the calendar app on your iPhone, a stone tablet and parchment paper- whatever works for you. Write down everything that you need to accomplish. Read your class syllabus as soon as you get it and write down all due dates. Even when you think you’ll remember an assignment, you may forget to meet with your study group or to take that on-line quiz.
• Prioritize your tasks. Rank your to-do tasks in order of priority. If your research paper isn’t due for another week but you have a killer biology test in two days, study for the test first.
• Focus on the task at hand. Schedule uninterrupted study time and turn your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb so you are not distracted by social media and friends. You are actually less productive when you are trying to write your to-do list, fill out a test review and catch up on your Instagram feed simultaneously. You’ll be more efficient if you close all the extra tabs and apps and focus on one thing at a time. Try it, we promise it works.
• Avoid overload. While it’s important to study for midterms, complete group projects and write that ten-page history paper, it’s also important to schedule time for yourself. Include sleep, relaxation, eating, exercise and socialization for yourself as well. Take short breaks during your study hours, but don’t let a ten minute break turn into an hour-long break of watching your favorite show on Netflix.
• Learn how to say no. When you need to study for an exam or finish a presentation, it is okay to say no to dinner or bowling with friends. Trust me; there will be plenty of other times to hang out with your friends!
• DON’T PROCRASTINATE. You will add so much unwanted stress on yourself if you put everything off until the last minute. Don’t try to write a ten page research paper the night before it is due. Don’t try to pull an all-nighter to ace a final. I could say this 100 times and every student will still do it. So, if you learn how to avoid procrastination please share the secret with every college student in America.

If this seems like too much to adjust to, just try incorporating one change at a time and before you know it you’ll be a pro at managing your time!

The Zombie Apocalypse


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Imagine standing in a fog-covered graveyard full of the headstones of music’s most iconic legends with flashing lights, a hand-built coffin and zombies surrounding you from all angles as Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” song begins playing eerily in the background. It probably sounds like a scene straight out of your worst nightmare. Except these zombies would rather eat pizza and Chipotle than suck your blood. That’s because these zombies were just innocent UNF students taking over the campus green for a production called “The UNF Thrilling Dead.” With a full moon shining down on the participants, approximately 250 students decked out in their finest zombie gear gave the audience a performance to remember.

This production provided more than just entertainment to the large gathered assembly. Through the many hours of planning and practicing, this also served as a way to unify the student body. As students, we zombified ourselves by removing our Greek/club/organization affiliations and came together as Ospreys. The practices allowed students to meet other fellow Ospreys who they may not hang out with on a regular basis. For all who were involved in the production of the Thrilling Dead, this event provided a great atmosphere for student body bonding.

We may not have a football team. We may not have 100-year-old traditions. But — we may hold a world-record for one of the coolest things ever. I mean, as long as you think zombies are cool. And since everyone loves The Walking Dead, zombies seem pretty trendy these days.

If you haven’t seen the UNF zombie takeover yet, check it out! SWOOP!

One More Reason to #BeAnOsprey: There’s No Excuse to Miss Leg Day


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The largest fitness center in northeast Florida is waiting for you to come and experience all that it has to offer! The UNF Student Wellness Complex is a state-of-the-art wellness, fitness and sports learning facility that opened just a few years ago. It boasts a 34-foot-tall rock wall, an indoor track and a Jamba Juice for healthy post-work out snacking.

The UNF Student Wellness Complex is more than your typical gym. It offers 260 exercise stations, nutritional assessments, personal trainers at a low cost, and it has large glass windows that provide vast views of our beautiful campus while you work out. For a look at this spectacular facility, check out the video at

As a student, you have unlimited access. Not only can you rock climb or run the indoor track, but you can also enjoy the special studios that are designed to accommodate fitness classes such as Zumba, Kickboxing, Yoga, Spin, Ab Attack, Sweat Shop Circuit and many more. With more than 50 fitness classes each week, there is a class for everyone, no matter your fitness level! And with 27,000-square-feet of fitness space, there is plenty of room to bring all of your UNF friends.

Just in case you want even more variety in your fitness routine, there’s more. UNF is home to competitive intramural sports, a skate park and the Osprey Challenge Course which consists of a ropes team building program and a zip line. With all the fitness amenities we offer, there’s no excuse to skip leg day ever again.

To learn about all the ways UNF students are getting fit and active, visit

Your Personal Journey

We’re focused on you. Your personal journey in and out of the classroom is something we care deeply about. UNF fosters not only intellectual growth but also the cultural growth and civic awareness of our students. Simply, our goal is to prepare students for life and help them become significant contributors of their communities.

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One More Reason To #BeAnOsprey: Every Week is Shark Week


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sharkSurf’s up in Jacksonville, Fla., home of the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, St. Johns River and the University of North Florida! UNF’s proximity to such diverse bodies of water makes it an ideal location for the Coastal Biology program, one of our six Flagship Programs.

More than a typical marine biology program, Coastal Biology gives UNF students the opportunity to work directly on research with professors, grow corals, study marine mammal life in UNF’s necropsy lab (the only necropsy lab between Miami and North Carolina) and tag sharks. That’s why we feel confident in saying that at UNF, every week is shark week.

Being a Flagship Program for UNF means that Coastal Biology, along with the other five Flagships, has been elevated as stand-outs among other programs as the best of the best. These programs receive significantly more funding, resources and attention because they have reached a level of national prominence in both scholarly study and research.

Other Flagship Programs include International Business, Transportation and Logistics, Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics and Music. All of these programs have received impressive accolades throughout the years. Most recently, UNF’s Transportation and Logistics program was recognized as leading the nation in the number of graduates achieving the highest level of internationally recognized professional certification and 80 percent of T&L graduates have a job offer in the field within three months.

Your Personal Journey
We’re focused on you. Your personal journey in and out of the classroom is something we care deeply about. UNF fosters not only intellectual growth but also the cultural growth and civic awareness of our students. Simply, our goal is to prepare students for life and help them become significant contributors of their communities.

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Common Application Mistakes to Avoid


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Common College Application Mistakes to Avoid

Applying to colleges can be a very stressful process. You have to remember what each school requires and their deadlines. Sometimes, even the smallest mistakes can have big consequences. Below are the most common mistakes we see students make while they are navigating the college application process.

Application Mistake #1: Incorrect Information

Very seldom do students make major mistakes on their applications. However, small mistakes can complicate the process as much as large mistakes. This is the case when students submit incorrect information such as the wrong social security number, date of birth, type of application, term of application, or intended major. It is also very important that when you apply to college you use your legal name. Often students will list a nickname instead of their legal name (e.g. listing “Will” instead of “William). Any of these mistakes can cause a delay in your application because the school may not be able to match your transcripts and/or test scores to your application.  Continue reading

Quick Guide to Buying your Textbooks


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So you’re registered for your classes and all ready to start the new term, there’s just one thing left to do… buy your books! We have put together this easy step-by-step guide to show you how to find (and buy) the books you need! Continue reading


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