Common Application Mistakes to Avoid


Common College Application Mistakes to Avoid

Applying to colleges can be a very stressful process. You have to remember what each school requires and their deadlines. Sometimes, even the smallest mistakes can have big consequences. Below are the most common mistakes we see students make while they are navigating the college application process.

Application Mistake #1: Incorrect Information

Very seldom do students make major mistakes on their applications. However, small mistakes can complicate the process as much as large mistakes. This is the case when students submit incorrect information such as the wrong social security number, date of birth, type of application, term of application, or intended major. It is also very important that when you apply to college you use your legal name. Often students will list a nickname instead of their legal name (e.g. listing “Will” instead of “William). Any of these mistakes can cause a delay in your application because the school may not be able to match your transcripts and/or test scores to your application.  Continue reading

Quick Guide to Buying your Textbooks


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So you’re registered for your classes and all ready to start the new term, there’s just one thing left to do… buy your books! We have put together this easy step-by-step guide to show you how to find (and buy) the books you need! Continue reading

Summer B Spotlight: UNF Hump Day


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Hump DayHappy Hump Day! Today at UNF, we were joined by two camels, Oscar and Omar (featured to the left) for rides around the Student Union. Osprey Productions, an agency of Student Government that plans and hosts events for the student body, help us put an extra few humps in hump day.

Later in the day, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm UNF’s Women’s Center will be hosting a Relaxation and Pampering Day in Student Union Ballrooms A & B for free massages, maniucures!

For more Summer B events go to:

Summer B Kickoff Schedule


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CamelSo the Summer B Kickoff is the University of North Florida’s way of welcoming you to the first official week of classes for the term. We do this by hosting all different sorts of events and hang outs for new and returning Ospreys so they can adjust to the new semester, all completely free. Most of these upcoming events have a bunch of free food and giveaways, so what could be better? Luckily for us, we don’t have to wait any longer! Yesterday started off a week of events and there is at least one event every day from now till the 28th. The schedule is:

Continue reading

Who is #FaithTheIntern


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  • Real Name: E. Faith Hershey
  • Hometown: Parkesburg, PA.
  • Major: Advertising
  • Minor: Business Administration
  • Class: Senior-Graduating Fall 2014
  • Involvement: SWOOP Squad, Advertising Club, Greek Like, Intramurals (briefly), Student Government, Spinnaker
  • Favorite Place on Campus: Lake Oneida
  • Favorite Color: Teal
  • Favorite Animal: Pug
  • Biggest Weakness: Chocolate

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What You Wish They Told You Before Orientation


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So you’re all signed up for orientation. Now what? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Orientation is a two-day crash course on everything that you will need to know before your first day of classes (and of course where you sign up for those classes). We are here to get you prepared for those two days. Continue reading

#MollyTheIntern: Homecoming

Without a doubt, “It” is the most school-spirited week of the year. Students of every assortment come out to it. Organizations of every variety compete in it. And if you’ve read the title of this blog entry, then even you know its name…Homecoming! Continue reading

#MollyTheIntern Explains: Why UNF is the right fit


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Just think of all the factors you have to take into consideration when choosing the right college. Will it be easy to establish a social life? How high are my chances of getting that internship I want? Will there be a million other students in my classes? Is it impossible to find a job on campus? The list is seemingly endless. But what if I told you that many of these never ending questions can be traced back to one simple answer? You must be clever because you guessed it- size. Continue reading


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